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Welcome to yet another alternate history wiki. This wiki is for serious fans of the genre of alternate history in print and on screen.

Whereas original articles are welcome for writers who wish to offer their hand at the genre, the idea behind this wiki is for articles about already existing alternate histories (including historical fiction - works based on true history). Any original material needs to be linked to real history in footnotes or active links to insure a measure of plausibility. Creative material without some basis in fact will likely not be read, so it is recommended that fantasy and science fiction be avoided.

What We Do HereEdit

This site is for the display of all things pertaining to alternate history including, but not limited to the following:

In short, all things pertaining to history as it might have been as found in literature and the contributor's own imagination. In order to assure quality, all articles and stories should be sourced - that is linked to some rationale for inclusion in this wiki. Material deemed inappropriate by an administrator will be removed after an effort has been made to contact the contributor. Contributions by unregistered users will be especially susceptible to deletion, so it is advised that contributors register in order to be considered for this site.

ResourcesEdit : This is the site to find peer-reviewed discussions on user produced alternate histories.

Alternate History Weekly Update  A blog by Matt Mitrovich, a lawyer and part-time alternate historian.

Whatifhub: A entire blog dedicated to alternate history.

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